At some point in the future, archeologists will dig up the remains of a human being with a slightly intact iPhone next to him or her. They will find a way to get the phone to work (since Apple builds these things to last, amiright?) and find CLOO on it.

Using their skills of deduction, the archeologists will realize that this was the point in time when world peace dawned on man because sharing your outhouse with someone you’ve potentially never met is probably the biggest act of kindness one can think of.

Need to pee? There’s an app for that.
Omg! It’s the app that made George Costanza a millionaire on last year’s Curb! What’s next, car periscope!?!

I would actually use that!


… A really interesting way to keep your money from going down the toilet ; )

Well, hello there, Sir, and how do you do?
You don’t know my name, but I do know you.
You see, I know John, whose last name is White
And as you might wonder, I’ll tell you, alright?

I found you with Cloo, a wondrous new service
for those with a need, who aren’t too nervous.
That need is to pee, also known as a piss
And as you don’t know me, I’ll try not to miss.

In exchange for your trouble, I’ll give you a dollar,
But I’m passing a stone, so don’t jump if I holler.
Should you find this too odd, I’ll be happy to leave
As John knows some others, at whose home I can relieve.